Friday, January 06, 2006

Because everybody's doing it....

My blog year in review:

January: If I never have to wear another feed sack/doily combo again I’ll be content.

February: Maybe I should blame it on the fact that I got called out yesterday by the worker at the Goodwill who said I did my hair different. No, I don’t actually know the girl working at the Goodwill, so that didn’t mean different from usual. That meant two different colors, that I had convinced myself was not THAT obvious.

March: I think caves are neat, and always wanted to go spelunking. Probably b/c of all those Trixie Belden books I read, but I digress…

April: Dandy. The mail just came and instead of our normal amount of 20 or so renewals, today when I’m here on my own at least for the morning, we received 61 motherluving renewals. Good times.

May: Who I am in the dark is a better indication of the real me, then you’ll ever see in the light. I won’t share the light if you don’t want the dark. B/c at least for me, it’s impossible to separate the two. And honestly, I don’t think I’d ever want to.

June: Welcome to pre-teen hell.

July: And I bought some buttons. Why? B/c I was on vacation.

August: People don’t fall out of love over imperfection. People fall more in love with someone because of those. Imperfections make people more beautiful when you love them. They don’t cause you to fall out of love. You could never change to be enough for her when she’s not enough for herself.

September: You know that feeling when something is wrong, or someone is missing, or maybe you’re what’s wrong, or maybe you’re what’s missing. So you lie in bed at night and wonder at what it could be and you wander in your mind to all the places you’ve been. And all the places you want to be, and where you actually are.

October: When did it become ok for me puzzle piece myself out to people only if I think they can put it together? Is the disappointment of realizing that they can’t or don’t want to put it together that much worse than hoarding the pieces away like a miser? I don’t know. I don’t think I can answer that.

November: I think God created music b/c sometimes words alone can't convey what He's created us to feel.

December: "Ok, I'll put it this way. If there was a nuclear holocaust, all that would be left in this world would be cockroaches and BII gift certificates."

And since it’s my blog: A CD for each month of the year. In no certain order my top 12 CD’s of 2005: (Note to reader, there are a select few of these that were released prior to 2005. I was just a little behind on the times…) If you have any sort of taste in music at all. You should own them. All. :)

*Nickel Creek- Why Should the Fire Die?
*The Fray- How to Save a Life
*Ellery- Make Your Troubles Mine
*RENT- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
*Amos Lee- Amos Lee
*The Killers- Hot Fuss
*The Ditty Bops- The Ditty Bops
*Garden State- The Soundtrack
*David Crowder Band- A Collision or (3+4=7)
*Elizabethtown- The Soundtrack
*Marc Broussard- Carencro
*The Be Good Tanyas- Chinatown