Friday, May 28, 2004

Chris Thile of Nickel Creek Posted by Hello
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... I know, it's not my birthday until Monday, however I did find out this morning that Nickel Creek will be in Cleveland, OH August 10 with none other than Glen Phillips. So my birthday present to myself will now be buying tickets for the concert. And anybody else who will be anywhere near Cleveland, OH on August 10- just thought you might want to know. :) Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 27, 2004

My new(est) shoes Posted by Hello

Monday, May 24, 2004

It's only love we're looking for...

The other day on my way to work, I actually laughed out loud at a squirrel. I find that strange, Don’t get me wrong, I laugh a lot, but to actually laugh out loud out of nowhere- not my norm. What’s even stranger is that right after laughing at the squirrel I just wanted to hug it. Yes, hug a squirrel. I’m not a huge squirrel person or anything, it’s not like I have this strange sort of attachment to them. They’re cute I suppose, (unless they’re the size of small cats like in Bloomington), but they’re just squirrels. I was on my way to work, Just entering downtown, out of the residential area, when I saw a squirrel try to cross the street. There weren’t any cars coming, but he ran out right after a large truck passed. He didn’t even hesitate, he just stopped dead in his tracks and ran the other direction. There wasn’t even a pause, it was like he hit a brick wall and headed back the other way. I can only imagine what the poor guy was thinking “WOAH! BAAAAAD IDEA!” I cracked up. It shouldn’t really be that funny, but for some reason that morning it was. Then as I passed where the squirrel was, I saw him. He’d climbed back up the fence that he’d crossed, but he either couldn’t get back over or was just too scared or tired b/c there he was with only his little paws grasping the top of the fence, hanging his head over, as if he was saying, “If I can just hold on a little while longer, they won’t get me.” And I wanted to hug the squirrel. What is going on with me?

I know, dear readers, or dear two readers since there may not be many of you, you’re thinking, c’mon Liz. You haven’t blogged since April 29, nearly a month. And you’re writing about squirrels. To be honest, though, I feel like a different person than a month ago. I went from restless and burnt out and stressed to carefree and relaxed and happy. Funny how a career change can do that. Even while it’s a little overwhelming b/c I don’t know much yet, it’s still nice to do something that causes me to do a little thinking. Usually when I’m happy, I don’t write as much. I know this. You’d think I should write more when I’m happy so I can look back and see what I was so happy about. I guess it’s just b/c I find writing cathartic so when I’m happy, I don’t need that outlet as much. With that in mind, that’s why I haven’t been writing. Things have been a little crazy with the job switch and the learning all the new stuff and all that, so I guess that’s partly to blame, but truly it’s b/c I’m really happy right now. I know lame excuse.

I had a really good weekend. Nothing extraordinary or anything, just a normal weekend but it was really good. It was nice to hang out with Ems, and have her find it completely normal that I absolutely HAD to stop at the shady roadside carnival for Cotton Candy. Had a family get together at my grandma’s. Wow, those are always an adventure. Anyway, it was good. Relaxing and just good. I have to add that yesterday was the first Sunday that I’ve been to Kingsway in 2 ½ years not knowing what we were singing before I got there. It was a really nice change. I’ve realized I really love my church. The not working there has made an incredible difference. And maybe part of that will go away in the future, but for the time being, I love it.

I think it’s also important that I mention the 2 CDs that I can’t seem to get enough of lately. The first is the newest CD purchase and it’s the Broadway Musical Wicked. It’s freaking awesome. Idina Menzel is easily one of my favorite singers. (She was the original Maureen in RENT). She has the perfect range to sing with. (Hence all that time you’d hear me belting out Take Me or Leave Me from the 820 shower…) I should thank Ems for the suggestion with this one. I'm looking forward to reading the book too although I hear it's a bit different. Anyway, it's great.

The second is Patti Griffin’s new album Impossible Dream. I’ve listened to When it Don’t Come Easy about a million times and it seriously just doesn’t ever get old. All that I'd listened to of Patti Griffen was a live show I had someone give me quite a while back. And I knew I loved it, so when I saw the poster in B&N for her new CD I immediately picked it up. She's amazing. There's something very haunting about her voice. It's hopeful and nostalgic at the same time. Anyway, I'll include the lyrics to one of the songs here. It's the best song I've heard in an incredibly long time. Not that I want to minimize the album to a couple of songs, b/c they're all really good. Anyway, here's the lyrics:

Red lights are flashing on the highway
I wonder if we’re ever gonna get home
Wonder if we’re gonna ever get home tonight

Everywhere the water’s getting rough
Your best intentions may not be enough
I wonder if we’re ever gonna get home tonight

If you break down, I’ll drive out and find you
If you forget my love, I’ll try to remind you
And stay by you, when it don’t come easy.
When it don’t come easy.

I don’t know nothing except change will come.
Year after year what we do is undone
Time keeps moving from a crawl to a run
I wonder if we’re gonna ever get home
You’re out there walking down a highway
And all of the signs got blown away
Sometimes you wonder if you’re walking in the wrong direction

If you break down, I’ll drive out and find you
If you forget my love, I’ll try to remind you
Stay by you when it don’t come easy,
When it don’t come easy

So many things that I’ve had before
That don’t matter to me now
Tonight I cry for the love that I’ve lost
And the love I’ve never found
When the last bird falls
And the last siren sounds
Someone will say what’s been said before
It’s only love we’re looking for

When you break down, I’ll drive out and find you
When you forget my love, I’ll try to remind you
Stay by you, when it don’t’ come easy.
When it don’t come easy.

So yeah, that's all I've got. I know, nothing deep, nothing profound. Maybe next time.