Monday, March 22, 2004

My Top 100 Things About Me List, in no certain order:

100. I am recently a huge fan of the colors brown and grass green.
99. I love Stewart’s Peach Soda
98. A lot of things I think about in metaphor to make more sense of them.
97. I’ll have a man of honor as well as a maid of honor in my wedding.
96. Volleyball is my favorite sport.
95. I absolutely love to sing.
94. Damien Rice is one of my “new” (as in the last year or so) favorite musicians.
93. I’d like to move away to somewhere like California and start over again.
92. I’m a middle child
91. I decided not to transfer from IU sitting at Senior Night of the Men’s basketball game in Assembly hall second semester of my freshman year.
90. Due to a strange fear of failure, I have trouble finishing things I start.
89. I’m a voracious reader.
88. I’m anal-retentive about written grammar and typos.
87. Anywhere in the house of 820 could be considered one of my favorite places to be.
86. I’m creative.
85. I’d be a lot happier if I lived close enough to the ocean to visit often.
84. I don’t like to be scared.
83. I’m very sarcastic.
82. Nickel Creek is hands down my favorite band ever. It could be classified as a borderline obsession.
81. My grandma once said to me and I quote, “Sure hope I’m around when you get married.” And she was serious. Nothing like the thought of Dead Grandma to make you think about your singleness.
80. I really like fuji apples.
79. I think Newsies is one of if not the best musical Disney ever did.
78. My little sister is the coolest 10 year old I’ve ever met. She once told me all I had to do to find a boyfriend was wear skirts and chew bubble gum.
77. I really like pickles wrapped in muenster cheese.
76. I don’t think I fit in the Midwest.
75. I really like the world melancholy.
74. I’ve taken college classes on a variety of subjects including Prisons in America, Visual Culture of the 1950’s, Financial Accounting & Chemistry.
73. One of the absolute coolest presents I’ve ever received was a yellow bucket of sprinkles.
72. I wish I had a closer relationship with my father.
71. I sing really loudly in the shower.
70. I got a black ribbon for my placing in sectionals for discus my senior year of high school.
69. I’m obsessed with shoes.
68. I really enjoy acting even though I haven’t done much of it.
67. I still hang out with the same boys regularly that I have since junior high.
66. I love the flower Lily of the Valley.
65. One of my absolute favorite worship songs of all time is the Vineyard song “Beautiful” from the UK Burn service.
64. My favorite book is The Giver.
63. My favorite restaurant is the cheesecake factory.
62. I talk to my mom almost every day of the week.
61. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
60. I’ve kissed 3 guys named Jason.
59. I’d give anything for another note from Rex the dinosaur to be waiting on me when I come home too late.
58. I hate the dentist.
57. I was voted best personality of my senior class.
56. I’m a virgin.
55. I’d love to learn to play violin.
54. I get tired of winter around December 26.
53. I hide insecurities people would never guess I had.
52. I was a fantastic roller skater as a child.
51. My first tape was Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s so Unusual”.
50. My kitchen is decorated with oranges, lemons, & limes.
49. I can be somewhat obsessive compulsive about adding things.
48. I have an insane phobia of burning people.
47. I think someday I’ll be a really great wife, but sometimes I fear I won't have the chance.
46. My theme song could often be “Reasons Why” by Nickel Creek.
45. My mom’s homemade bread is my favorite food in the world.
44. I find 4-leaf clovers all the time.
43. My friendship with Emily actually made working at Target bearable.
42. I like disturbing movies that make me think.
41. I really like Blue Moon Beer.
40. I’m a romantic at heart even if I often hide it.
39. Tang and Kool-aid are two of my favorite drinks even though I don’t drink them often.
38. I want to learn how to do emulsion photography.
37. One summer my sister and I rented Girls Just Want to Have Fun nearly every week.
36. I really like the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich.
35. I think that Adam Duritz is a genius lyricist.
34. I could sit in bookstores for hours because the smell relaxes me so much.
33. I think iced caramel macchiatos are the best coffee drinks ever created.
32. I get weirded out when people really like me before I have a chance to form my opinion on them.
31. I enjoy going to movies by myself.
30. I absolutely adore my nieces and nephew.
29. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of my absolute favorite movies, and I can sing just like Veruca Salt.
28. Daisies make me happy.
27. I love feta cheese.
26. I’m what some would consider to be abnormally close to my mom and sisters.
25. I’ve had better conversations without a word ever uttered, than I could ever have with two people talking aloud for hours.
24. I can watch happy chic flicks over and over again and never get tired of them.
23. In the past 6 months I’ve developed a very strong liking for buffalo wings.
22.The first book that ever made me cry was Bridge to Terebithia.
21. I think McDonaldland cookies are the best cookies ever made.
20. I like pink flamingos.
19. Blowing bubbles releases a lot of stress for me.
18. I’d rather run in warm spring rain than any other weather.
17. Some of my fondest memories are sitting with Chad and Craig at Brian’s house on a Friday night playing cards.
16. Sunshine makes me happy.
15. I’d make a fantastic editor.
14. When someone pinches me, I get so angry I cry.
13. I love collages.
12. The weekends I spent at Jason and Kevin’s apartment were some of the funnest weekends I’ve ever had.
11. I loved my AP English field trips in high school.
10. I’ve only ever really been in love once.
9. I really enjoy roadtrips.
8. I still wear my hair in pigtails a lot.
7. Slimey the worm was and still is my favorite Sesame Street character.
6. I love knee socks.
5. Even if I introduce myself as Elizabeth, it always becomes Liz by the end of the conversation, and then Lizzy if I become close friends with the person.
4. I’d like to get my masters degree is children’s and young adult literature.
3. My community right now is very scattered and I hate it.
2. I wonder if I’ll always be this restless.
1. Most people have a very narrow understanding of who I really am.


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