Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Lessons I Learned from Nancy Drew…

While at my aunt’s house the other day, I came across a little book. “Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life”.
For those of you who know me fairly well, you know I LOVE to read. I’ve been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember. I can even tell you about the exact day in Kindergarten at recess when they asked if I wanted to learn to read. I guess nowadays that’s commonplace for Kindergarten but then for some reason we didn’t really start until First Grade. My guess is they realized just how gifted I was, ok, so maybe it was something about me doing a lot of talking and wanting to give me something to do, either way…since that very first day when I began learning to read I’ve loved it. I used to be the kid that got in trouble for hiding a book in my desk during class to read. While I know that this blog is making me seem a bit of a nerd, if you don’t know that about me by now, you might as well learn. So I went through a pretty serious Nancy Drew stage in the middle of all of this. I read everything I could get my hands on. I even picked up a huge box full of the old books at a garage sale just a couple of years ago. So coming across this little book was quite a find. I found myself entertained for the rest of the evening by these interpretative lessons that were compiled by a girl who I can only assume like me picked up as many of these books as she could find. We’ve got lessons here on survival strategies, dating, sleuthing, the delicate art of etiquette wilderness tips, being a lady, powers of observation and accoutrements. Plenty of good material. So don’t be surprised dear reader, if many more of these lessons show up here in my future blogs.

In honor of that lovely commercialized holiday of Valentine’s Day (sidebar:why must we have one day a year that we tell people just how much we love them instead of the other 364 or 365 days a year in this case that we hopefully love them as well, or at least most of them) –regardless, in honor of that holiday (as well as Keith’s recent turkey mishap, so Maren you better pay close attention here) here’s some wise advice for all the women on dating.

“Don’t force your date to go to a ballet or another activity that may not be to his liking if he was knocked unconscious earlier in the day.” –The Double Jinx Mystery

I can only assume, ladies that this advice was much needed and well noted.
Such keen advice, from such a swell gumshoe.


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