Friday, February 06, 2004

What’s with today today?
~Empire Records

I am so restless. Some weeks are worse than others I suppose and some days I just don’t feel like I fit in my life. I feel like that part in A Wrinkle in Time, when the kids end up on some other “planet” and for a while they think things are normal. Everything looks normal, from the Levittown style houses, to the flowers out front. Then the doors open simultaneously and the kids come out at the same time. They start bouncing their balls, and even that is in sync. And you realize there’s no identity.

I wonder if I’ll always be this restless. I know that God doesn’t want us to find perfect peace in this world b/c we’d become too attached to it. And this isn’t our home. I remind myself of that often, but still wonder if I’ll ever find just a little peace. I don’t think it’s going to be here. Not in Indianapolis, not in this job, not living this life. I just don’t know what He wants me to do or where he wants me to go in the meantime.

I went to see Big Fish Monday. I was the only one in the entire theatre. It was kind of strange. I definitely enjoyed the movie. Just found that picking my seat was more difficult than I expected. I’m more of one of those- let whomever I’m with pick the spot sort of person, so there I was with the entire decision being only mine, for me to determine just where I liked sitting the best. It was a harder decision than I expected, which is just ridiculous. I need to work on my decision-making skills. There’s really something rather cathartic about seeing movies by yourself. It’s nice.

I’ve realized that I’m a much better crocheter than a knitter. Seriously. And I’m not even going to address the “single girl spending her time crocheting” argument. Needless.

The cost of our health care system is asinine. I talked to my sister yesterday who’s a teacher. They just raised her insurance policy an additional $200 a month. That makes it a whopping $900 a month, they’re paying for their family policy. My brother-in-law’s church doesn’t offer it to their employees and they can’t go independent b/c he’s got a pretty serious heart condition. It’s insane. She’s a teacher, and it spending her days making sure most kids don’t grow up to be complete idiots, and is being robbed to make sure her family is taken care of. I think I’ll just stop now before I end up going on forever. Some things are just messed up.

Nickel Creek put up some new tour dates. Unfortunately they’re about as close at Pennsylvania and Georgia. If one of those newly listed dates (obviously not PA or GA) is anywhere near the ocean, maybe I’ll just take off and go for a couple of days. I could definitely use a visit to the ocean, or at least a little relief from the snow and ice. I’m officially sick of winter. Granted, that’s been official for a number of weeks now, and I guess good ‘ol Phil says we’ve got a long way to go. (The Groundhog Phil). Ahh well, what can you do? “There is no way this winter is EVER going to end as long as that groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don't see any way out of it. He's got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.” If you can’t place that quote, go out, watch some movies and learn what humor is.

Going to see cold mountain tonight. Looking forward to the music on that one. Heard an interview with Allison Krauss just this morning on my way to work. (She’s got a song or two on the album.) She’s so down to earth. 14 grammys. She’s tied with Aretha Franklin. That’s insane. She’s great though. If you haven’t listened to her, go out, find some Allison and let me know what you think.

Ok, I should wrap up this additional blog about nothings. That’s 2 in a row. I should find something more interesting to talk about.


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