Friday, March 19, 2004

I guess I haven’t done a very good job of writing this month. Actually to be honest, I’ve done a lot of writing then deleting. We’ll try to make this one stick.

Took the day off for St. Patrick’s Day this week. And what a day it was. I think it’s best to not elaborate as fully as I could on this day. While Chaddy seems to think that I should tell all for the sake of journalistic accuracy, some things are best left not mentioned. So I’ll just say, it was a lot of fun. It was cold, but it wasn’t terrible. We met a nice guy selling some contraband beer in the lobby of his apartment complex. I have a feeling he made a small fortune. Nicole and I got some nice shamrock glitter headbands. We also were given new nicknames, "scrunch" for Nic, "toothpick" for Chaddy, and "flash" for me. Don’t worry dear reader, I didn’t do any actual flashing. We spent the afternoon at the fire station downtown and met some of tony’s friend’s from his unit. Some were more interesting than others. Some were more entertaining than others. Enough said. Wow, was all of that ever vague. It was a lot of fun though, and is now going to be a tradition so says Nicole and myself.

Went to see Secret Window Sunday. I thought it was great. I had no idea it was a Stephen King short story. Besides, Johnny Depp is great in whatever he does, so therefore it was a good movie. Can’t wait to see him as Willy Wonka. I’m interested to see what Tim Burton will do with that one. Since I’m such an incredible fan of the first, one of the only ways you could get me interested in the second is by making it so incredibly different, as in Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and no music. And since Dahl’s family was so disappointed with the first, hopefully they’ll enjoy the second version. I’ll always have a special place in my heart however for the first one. I’m not sure you could find a more homely Charlie, or a Veruca that is better than the first. Ahhhh we’ll see. C’mon June ’05.

I also went to see The Lion King on Broadway a couple of weeks back. Great show. Amazing costuming. I really enjoyed it. Then again, when don’t I enjoy Musical theatre? Granted that question is rhetorical.

So I decided (On Jenny’s behalf) that we were going to California for vacation this year. Good news, she was up for the idea. We’re going to plan it around a conference- Soul Survivor ’04. Does it get any better than camping on the ocean front? I’m going to go with a no on that one. My dear friend Alys has offered kindly not just 1 but 2 free travel vouchers, therefore it’s now officially affordable. I may never come home. So from June 16 until the end of time as we know it (or the 22nd if I have to come home) I’ll be spending my time in sunny California. Just the thought is enough to make me breathe a little deeper. Ahhhh.

I'm almost finished with my 100 things about me list that I saw on Ty's blog that she say on someones and someone saw on someones.... It's actually rather random. I guess that's the usual when you're writing 100 things about yourself. I'll try and get that one done sooner rather than later.

Happy last day of winter, it's about time.


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