Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A blog about nothings.

B/c I don’t want to be working on what I need to work on, I’ll share a little of what’s in my head this week. Don’t expect profundity b/c you’re not going to find it.

Useless thought #1.
What IS it about grocery carts? Do they come already with the one wheel that’s been tangled up in large amounts of something, leaving it with that terrible tight hard to push thing? Or how about the squeak. Everything looks fine, but you’ve got that squeak. Sometimes you’ll get an aisle or so before you discover it b/c alas it’s only on right hand turns… love it. Or my personal favorite, the wobble wheel. Those ones that make you cut your list short out of sheer fear that it’s going to just break down. You think that doesn’t happen, it’s happened. My sister and I used to go get our mom’s groceries for her when we were in high school. Why this was fun for us, I’m not quite sure but since mom hated it, we’d do it for her. It’s not just a few groceries, no we’re talking 5 teenagers, 2 adults and a child shopping that we did. Once we had one of those wobblers, and it was really bad but they never break so we just went on loading it up. It’s almost as if it had a mind of it’s own. The cart waited till we were in the parking lot, getting ready to cross in front of the cars at the crosswalk before we hit a small bump followed by a little hole. Just enough for that poor wheel to snap… as if that wasn’t enough, our 10lb bag of potatoes, located on the bottom of the cart, chose that very moment to hop out and open itself up for all of the potatoes to go rolling their own way. So while abby is directing traffic, I’m furiously scooping up potatoes and desperately trying to catch my breath because of how hard I was laughing. So last night, I couldn’t seem to get a good cart. And they won’t let you out the in anymore, so I had to go all the way around just to get another…. Maybe I could buy my own collapsible grocery cart. I fix it if it’s broken, and the rest of the time I’ll just leave it folded up in my trunk. What are the chances of that happening really?

Useless thought #2.
I need a lunchbox. A real lunchbox. Not one of those vinyl covered, padded things. No, I want the plastic box. Or better yet tin box that they used to have. My lunch is not nearly exciting enough when I’m pulling it out of a plastic grocery bag. But I won’t settle for whatever some stupid Wal-Mart has to offer. I will search, and I will find the perfect lunch box complete with characters. Sidebar: I once had a Menudo lunch box. I think we got it at Big Lots. I don’t know why I had it, b/c I wasn’t even a Menudo fan. Maybe I’ll go to some antique stores… I was planning a visit to see Pretty in a few weeks, and we always fit some antique stores into the schedule. So the search has begun. I will accept any suggestions on type of character lunch pail I should get.

Useless thought #3.
Take this job and …..
No not my job. This one is just useless for the reader who doesn’t know my mom. She called me this morning and told me she accepted another job. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO MOM!!! She’s been needing to get out of the hellacious place she’s been working for a while now. So she’s actually going to get back to actual nursing as opposed to listening to the higher ups make orders that not even Superman could see to fruition. It’s so unfortunate our health care system is as dysfunctional as it is right now. Some places spend so much time in their ridiculous politics, that very little time is left for the patient or resident. I won’t digress into some bitter diatribe about the place she has been working. I’ll just say thank you God for making her completely confident that the decision to leave was one prompted by you. ‘

Useless thoughts #4, 5, 6 & 7 in rapid succession.
I need a haircut.
I bought some new shoes last weekend and I love them.
I’m ready for another nickel creek concert.
I have a sudden urge to reread The Catcher in the Rye

Now that I’ve bored you all, I’ll wrap it up. Heading out to Carmel this evening to perhaps watch a little Twin Peaks. Got to keep up to date on what’s new with Cooper.

I’ll try to be a little less boring on my next blog.
But I'm not promising anything.


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