Tuesday, October 28, 2003

So I’d just gotten to where I thought my “almost” sickness was maybe just allergies or something, when today- I’ve got this fantastic sore throat. What’s up with that? It’s already been several weeks since I’ve really been able to sing at all, and I thought maybe I was finally getting semi-back to normal vocally, and now this. Super, just super. Splendid in fact.

As a follow up, I wanted to mention that my jack-o-lantern somehow managed to assume the look of someone with a very severe cleft lip. Apparently I got a little crazy with my knife, and made my nose cut somehow run into my upper mouth cut, ahh well, what can you do? We all had a good time and laughed a lot. Tony had to get all fancy with his and use the drill to make these perfectly formed circles in a variety of sizes. Then he put a string of lights inside so all of the holes lit up evenly as opposed to just one candle. It actually turned out really well. And the more I think about it, the more I wish I was that pumpkin- open to being “drilled”, b/c the more of me that’s cut away, the more the Light shines through. Just a thought.

Last night I went over to Joseph’s again for dinner. He said he was making chili, I think, chili is fine, it’s a little cold (chilly if you will) outside, so it seems to be a nice fit. However Joseph is so over the top with his cooking, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean, after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a culinary school, I’d be over the top with my cooking too. So instead of just a normal “chili” like what I’d expect, instead we ended up with this GIGANTIC pot of chili who’s ingredients included a pound each of hamburger, lamb, & buffalo. It was pretty gamey. And where in the world do you even buy buffalo meat? Only joseph. We ended the evening by watching the last 30-45 minutes of Halloween 2. For the record, I don’t enjoy horror movies, and I really don’t enjoy being scared. Now maybe if I was accompanying a really fantastic date to a scary movie, it’d be a little different- but truth be told, I HATE to be scared. Even for the Ring when Pretty made me watch it, I had to talk all the way through it and continue asking every 5 minutes, is this person going to die? Is this person going to die? Course, he knows me well enough to somehow be ok with that. Don’t worry reader, I’m not always such a poor movie spectator. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy disturbing movies- Disturbing = good, Scary = bad. I probably would’ve even enjoyed American Psycho had it not been for the violent sex scenes. (Emily, how in the world did we end up seeing that movie anyway? I mean, Christian Bale has come a long way since Newsies…) Anyway, the reason I don’t like horror or scary movies for that matter- well reasons b/c really they’re twofold. #1. I have a fear of burning people. I’ve been afraid that my house would burn down since I was a small child, not having any sort of reasoning behind it. It’s an irrational fear, but I can’t handle watching burning people. I once came across in the paper a picture of a man who to protest something had lit himself on fire, Before I could tear the picture out, and finish the article I was reading, I was completely in tears and nauseous. W/o even realizing it, Anyway, there is unfortunately an awful lot of burning people in horror movies, and of course, Halloween 2 was no different. Granted Michael Myers didn’t die, I mean, he’s Michael Myers, but from the sound of it, I’m pretty sure he was engulfed for quite a while, ahhh. Moving on, #2. I have an incredible fear of being chased. Irrational again. I just fear that if someone was going to try to attack me, I’d never get away, so I hate chase scenes, and really what’s a horror movie w/o some elaborate chase scene, or in Michael Myers case, a slow deliberate walk towards whoever his victim is. I wonder what these fears say about me. If I have nightmares they’re either about me being chased, or me driving and I can’t stop. I can analyze the driving one and maybe figure out what it means, but the other- not sure. (If any of you brilliant psych analysts could fill me in I’d appreciate it…) I made it through that last 45 minutes though, although a good section of that was the burning scene and I definitely wasn’t watching. Scary movies, even old horror ones, are so not for me.

Tonight is FISH Group, and truth be told, I’d rather sit at home and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, but being the leader and all I’ll probably make it to the study. Heard we might get some snow flurries this week. Why we can’t just separate our seasons completely, I’m not sure. Snow belongs in winter, not fall. Especially not early fall. What do I know though?


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