Friday, October 17, 2003

Why do we as humans find so much pleasure in doing things over and over again? I’m as much to blame as anyone else. This weekend is a prime example of that. Let me break it down for you.

Tonight, I see Nickel Creek for time number 8. That’s right 8. Here’s the breakdown
Birdy’s Bar- May ‘01
Buskirk Chumley Theatre, Bloomington- October ‘01
Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN- October ‘01
Shady bar, Cincinnati, OH- December ‘02
Mars Nightclub (can’t remember the new name), Bloomington, IN- April ‘03
City Stages, Birmingham, AL- May ‘03
Murat Theatre- June ‘03
And now Tall Stacks, Cincinnati, OH- October ‘03

Tomorrow I see the Passion Experience tour- primarily Chris Tomlin for time number 4:
WorshipTogether conference ‘00
WorshipTogether conference ‘02
Passion Experience Tour ‘02
Passion Experience Tour ‘03

And Sunday, RENT for time number 6
Clowes Hall- Fall ‘99
Bloomington x2- Fall ‘99
Ft. Wayne- Fall ‘00
Bloomington- Fall ‘01
Clowes Hall- Fall ‘01
And again, Clowes Hall- Fall ’03.
There was an attempted Ohio in ’02 but missed rush seating…

Why? Why do I get so incredibly excited about seeing all of these 3 things again and again.

One word: Passion. All 3 of these events make me incredibly passionate, and all 3 of them are through music. Themes might be completely different. (Can’t get much more polar than RENT and passion experience tour) but they all make me think, and they all make me feel, and truly they all make me seek God and His passion for my life a little more.

So I’m on my way out. The countdown to the beginning of Liz’s ultimate weekend of fun is at T-15 minutes….


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