Monday, September 29, 2003

People are crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, we had Cheri Keaggy in concert here at the church for our weekend services. While there, an older fellow gave her a CD (not a surprise since people seem to think they’re going to somehow get “discovered” this way). Anyway, this guy was old. Like at least mid 60’s I’d say. The other day he stopped by the church and asked our receptionist if Cheri had mailed his CD back, to which Monica replied “Cheri who?” and he says “Keaggy” with that tone of who else would I be talking about?! So Monica says, not that she knows of. And he tells her that he and Cheri “exchanged” CD’s at her concert, and she’s going to be mailing his back here to the church to him, and if she’d just give him a call with the number on this here business card…”

The title on the business card: Herald Fox With his Oboe of Love
I wish that that was all, but no, on the other side is an actual cartoon of a fox playing an oboe.


I actually would like to thank Herald for bringing me to tears of laughter for not just one but 2 days straight now. Herald Fox With his Oboe of Love, that’s right. You’re reading it correctly, it does sound like the name of a porno. Good news, he’s available for special events Weddings and Funerals as well as ceremonial and patriotic openings. Please let me know if you’d like his number. He has recently moved from Nashville to Indiana or so it looks from the number change, so if you’re in need of some serious Oboe, let me know and I’ll set you up with the Fox. Herald Fox that is.


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