Thursday, October 02, 2003

“Other’s have excuses… I have my reasons why.”

So I already wrote one entry this morning, and somewhere between typing it up, put it on my blog site, and trying to publish it- the internet went down. So I lost it. I was actually just complaining about my bad day yesterday. Maybe it’s a sign I shouldn’t complain. Yesterday was one of those lay on my back in the middle of the floor, play with my bucket of sprinkles, blow bubbles sorts of days. If you know me, you know that means BAD DAY. I’ll spare you the details this time around. It was just a bad day.

We had a concert here last night, some Gaither sounding chic that I wasn’t about to stick around for. I had to cover the merch table till the workers showed up and I kept having people ask me which CD was the best, RIGHT, like I know… anyway, as I was finally leaving at 7, I was on my way out the office entrance only to see that there was a big vase of flowers on the counter. I of course thought, oh how nice, someone has flowers, then realized the card was to me and they were my flowers. Nothing can make a bad day a million times better than fresh flowers and a handwritten note in a card. So thank you Angie, for knowing just the encouragement I needed. I love fresh flowers.

Something else that made me smile yesterday was when my dearest Jennifer decided to post an old email I’d sent her as her “blog of the day”. If it’s not funny to you, well you suck, and what DO you think is funny? :) Anyway, I just thought I’d include a link so you can take a little peak into the mind of what I find incredibly entertaining. You’ll probably find me stranger after reading it, then again, maybe not…


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