Wednesday, October 15, 2003

This week’s Top 10 of good stuff, bad stuff and whatever falls between:

#10. Driving through the hills of southern Indiana now that the leaves have changed
#9. Nickel Creek’s version of Poor Places by Wilco
#8. Destroying a perfectly good tire by hitting a small wooden post after cutting a corner too close.
#7. Driving home on that flat tire while convincing yourself it’s merely the wind that’s making your car act like that. (I know this makes me sound like such a girl, so in my defense I do know how to change that flat tire…)
#6. Spending $90 to replace that otherwise good tire that now has a split down the side.
#5. Finding out you get to see your favorite band in the world for FREE in just 2 more days.
#4. Grown men on motor scooters complete with stark white helmet.
#3. Planning a “sisters” day without the non-blood relative half of the marrieds.
#2. Going to see RENT on the aforementioned day out
#1. Being told and I quote: “Whenever you sing, I start thinking how much you sound like Chad Kroger from Nickelback. You really should start thinking about a career in an angry boy band.” Ahhh Mo.


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