Friday, September 26, 2003

“Crooked little person trying to tell the truth…”

Today’s one of those feel like I need to write although I’m not sure what about. So I’ll just follow train of thought for a while, if I don’t ever get anywhere then I’ll leave it at that- train of thought…

I had a really good talk this morning with a friend about being the body of Christ. It’s sad that what should and could be such an amazingly beautiful thing ends up being all disjointed and separated. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there needs to be different ways of ministering, b/c people are ministered to in different ways. What works here, wouldn’t necessarily work 1000 or even 10 miles from here. It’s all about the people, and the ways in which they find God and experience Him the most profoundly. I live within under an hour’s drive of probably 5 mega-churches. And while I know there are definitely those people in the church who come b/c it looks good and it’s the thing they feel like they should do, there is definitely a percentage of really authentic believers and participants in the body of Christ. But it’s as if there are walls up between all of the churches- who really cares where someone chooses to worship on a Sunday morning? If we’re living life the way God has called us to live, we should be worshipping Monday through Saturday as well, and Sunday is just a public display of that, and another place to be fed and to serve. Why aren’t we working together to grow as a body? I’m not saying form one large church, I’m saying encourage, lift up, pray for THE church, Christ’s church. Us. Whether we choose to gather in a house church, in a church of 250 or a church of 2000 really doesn’t matter. What matters is whether we’re earnestly seeking Christ, striving to grow in our understanding of who He is, and constantly allowing ourselves to be molded into His image. We can only do so much to advance His kingdom if we’re working as such a disorderly model of what He’d like to see. How effective is a body when they’re all working in separate entities?

Yesterday I got to spend a few minutes talking with a friend and close spiritual mentor from college. For a few minutes of talking about nothing, I caught a glimpse again of the community that we experienced when we were all together sharing ourselves and a ministry down at school. I really miss that. I’m really looking forward to finding that community again.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the book I’m getting ready to read. I’d comment, but I think it speaks for itself.

"Tall and straight I may appear, but I will always be Ada inside. A crooked little person trying to tell the truth. The power is in the balance: we are our injuries, as much as we are our successes."
The Poisonwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver


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