Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We never know what’s wrong without the pain,
sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

I’m pretty sure I just had the best concert week ever. It’s rare that you’d get to see your favorite groups in the same time span with each other. It’s even rarer that they all hit within a 6 day period of time. Thursday night- Nickel Creek, Friday night- Ellery, and last night- The Fray. Following last night’s concert they have cemented their location in my top 3. Hands down. The concert blew me away. I went pretty early b/c it was a small venue, (actually the first place I ever saw Nickel Creek live) and let’s face it when you’re 5’1 and it’s a standing room only venue, if you’re not close you’re going to miss out. So we were close, so close in fact that no one was in front of me. And it was good. It was really really really good. A certain BF of mine who shall remain nameless ahemmennyahemm, finally listened to them thanks to a VH1 special in the middle of the night the other day and informed me that she not only liked them- she was “proud” of me. B/c yes, they’re a rock group. Or at least a lot more rocky than I normally listen to. I’m not sure what it is about adding piano to electric guitar that makes me like it that much more, but it worked with the Killers, and it certainly works for the Fray. Musically they’re phenomenal, lyrically they’re phenomenal, and in person they’re incredibly nice guys. It was the best concert I’ve been to in a really really long time.

And all this music makes my heart happy.


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