Friday, March 24, 2006

It’s a double post day!

My conversation of this week:
J- So are you singing at her wedding?
E- Nope. I’m totally fine with that believe me.
J- Oh, so you’re not singing b/c you’re going to do your interpretive dance routine to Endless Love?
E- Well yeah, what else would I do? Do you think the ribbons are too much? How did you know I’ve been practicing?
J- Oh, I heard your little feet in the girl’s room when you were here to visit. I definitely think you should go with the clip on hair extensions. It’s a particularly nice touch.
E- I’ll be sure to let her know you approve.

(As a follow up to the earlier conversation)
E- Watch out for the depression. I'll have to come down and drag you out of bed while I subject you to full routines from my interpretive dance. You thought my endless love routine was bad, wait till you hear my interpretation of Martika's Toy Soldiers. Step by step, heart to heart, left, right, left, we all fall down James. We all fall down.
J- I hate that you’ve been holding out on the Toy Soldier number—that has to be a crowd pleaser!
E- just wait, one of these days- you're going to go to the mailbox and there will be a videotape of yours truly performing a little Toy Soldiers. It's going to blow you away.
J- Please don’t tease me. I want ribbons! I want flaming batons! I want a drum and bugle corps! I want 600lbs of GLITTER!!!!!
E- Jamie, you know I'm afraid of fire. I'll work on sparks that fly out of the end, but if I can't get that to work, colored cellophane is going to have to get the job done.
J- colored cellophane will only work if you are juggling left over’s!!!! Otherwise, FIRE!
E- hey critical carl, i once saw great expectations at the IRT, and when Miss Haversham burned, they used a fan and colored cellophane. It worked just fine. No need to bring out the leftover chicken tetrazini to get the job done.

:) It's the little things, that's all I'm saying. It was entertaining to me nonetheless. And I’m sure to some of you who know me. Course I’m sure that going public with this is going to out my little side interpretive dance business. But what can you do?! B/t/w, there are a couple of you readers who were there with me for this aforementioned IRT performance….anyone? anyone?


Blogger ty said...

you're hysterical.

are you coming to cincy on the 8th to see ellery?

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there random internet person...i somewhat doubt that we've ever met (though i include the possibility)...but upon doing a search for "honest men make the best liars", your blog comes up, and as i seem to have exhausted all other avenues of finding it, i thought that i'd see if maybe i could get you to email it to me? I have a deep and abiding passion for nickel creek, i'm going to their show in wheaton tonight, actually, and that is the one somg that i'm missing of theirs...

I would be forever in your debt, and tell all those i encountered hereafter of your graciousness and virtue...


5:52 PM  

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