Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top 10 for the last week in no certain order:
#10: “Holy job sharing Superwoman!”- the response I received after commenting by email, complete with superwoman graphic on the fact that some days I feel like I’m the glue of the office. (Yes, I’m being a bit melodramatic...)
#9: Flip-flops for 3 straight days in Georgia. Seriously, life is just better when wearing flip-flops.
#8: Edamame and Sushi on Saturday night. Eating sushi makes me happy. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just does.
#7: IKEA- “The thing about IKEA is everything is Swedish.”
#6: “I already miss u.”
#5: The impromptu performance of RENT Saturday in the car. That’s a show that just makes me happy to sing.
#4: Mo. It’s a side I’ve never seen before. I love it. I’ve got my bowl of popcorn out and I’m just watching to see what’ll happen next. :)
#3: David Gray live. Wow. That’s a concert everyone should see. It probably deserves it’s own entry, but for now we’ll just make it #3.
#2: Patty Griffin’s song Rain followed closely by Let Him Fly.
#1: The sermon I listened to on contentment. Realizing that the reality is that it’s sometimes harder to learn to be content when life is good, as opposed to when we need more help.

So here I am. Atlanta was fun. Work is fine. I’m ready for warm weather. I have more peace in my life right now not having any idea about what’s really going on than I have in a long time. (February must have ended.) David Gray does music the right way. People surprise me. I like to cook more when I’m cooking for someone else. For a trashy drink I particularly enjoy cherry limeade and bad vodka- (and I don’t even like vodka). Chad and Nicole make good wine. The last hour of a long drive is always the furthest. Brokeback Mountain made my heart hurt. Getting a corporate AmEx card makes me feel somehow more adult. I sometimes wish people would trust my judgment more than they do. I don’t ever want to try to fix someone, I would much rather love them broken. Some things can’t be fixed. It’s easier to have peace for tomorrow when I’ve got peace for today. I want to read The Kite Runner. Patty Griffin calms my heart even when she sings about pain. Some things take a long time to make sense. I guess David Gray puts it best- “All my words are falling short. And there’s so much I want to say.” And somehow today, that's ok.


Anonymous Amanda Schafer said...

Hey Liz- it's amanda schafer jotting you a note to insist that you read The Kite Runner!!!! I saw that you have thought about it and had to leave my two cents in hopes of making it happen :)
By the way, I have read The Giver as you suggested- SUPERB.
Let me know if/when you read is amazing.

10:22 AM  

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