Monday, May 09, 2005

Pass me be, I’ll be fine. Just give me time….

I long.

To be held-To be loved-To be understood-To be accepted-To have someone find me beautiful at my very worst-To love in return-To give-To cry-To worship-To laugh a lot-To travel-To see-To listen-To be missed-To really listen-To be silent-To touch-To be touched-To feel protected-To feel complete-To fill that void-To see Jesus everywhere all the time-To try again-To be ok with failing-To have someone want to get through my entire maze-To finish a puzzle-To never stop learning-To sit on the roof-To have my heart not hurt-To hear the ocean-To find peace-To learn to paint-To sit in the rain-To learn from my mistakes-To sing a song-To listen to someone I love’s heartbeat-To get flowers-To walk barefoot in the grass-To build a sandcastle-To have someone reach for my hand-To have someone hold my head when they hug me-To stand in the fountain-To understand God’s timing-To grasp God’s grace-To feel God’s love.

To be. Is that too much to ask?

Older chests reveal themselves
Like a crack in a wall
Starting small, and grow in time
And we (always) seem to need the help
Of someone else
To mend that shelf(of)
Too many books
Read me your favorite line

Like time, there's always time
On my mind
So pass me by, I'll be fine
Just give me time
~d. rice


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