Monday, April 18, 2005

Top 10 for Monday

#10. I got to start the day with a 5 minute voice mail from one of our favorite subscribers, J. E. (who upon bringing her money in for renewal last year promptly peed on the floor b/c she couldn’t make it to the bathroom) She was calling to tell me 100 different times how she couldn’t get her money to us by the deadline because she doesn’t get paid till May but maybe we could extend it for her b/c she’s been with us for several years and doesn’t get paid till May, but hopefully we’ll understand that she can’t get us the money until May and she’d sure appreciate it if we’d just wait till May. Wow.

#9. I “have” to walk to the bank today which means I’m going to take my slow sweet time b/c it’s 80 degrees outside and sunny. There are definite perks to my job.

#8. As a result of our office handling the group sales for Menopause the Musical, I have to talk to more than my fair share of menopausal women on a daily basis. That means I get my head bitten off again more than my fair share on a daily basis. It also means that I have to repeat the same speech about a thousand million times a day about how we’re only handling groups of 15 or more and any less than that you’ve got to go through ticketmaster or go in person to the actual box office and yes I understand that was not conveyed very clearly in the paper but I also don’t think you read it very closely. Lay off Toni Tonerson I’m sorry you’re having a hot flash and taking it out on me. Today I was up to 4 in 2 hours. Good times.

#7. I have this terrible habit of constantly taking different writing utensils out of my drawer throughout the day. Why I can’t just start and finish with the same pen is beyond me, but here it is halfway through the day and I’ve already got 4 different ones out. It makes no sense. I have my favorite that I write with, yet still get a different pen out every time someone walks in the door. Odd. And really completely useless knowledge for you to have about me, whoever you may be.

#6. My spiritual birthday was the 14th and I’ve now been a Christian for longer than I haven’t. That’s a nice thought. I’ve also realized even within the last week, that I should do a better job listening to Him when He tries to convict me of something so He doesn’t have to resort to more drastic measures. They’re always a lot more painful, and I think if I’d just listen to begin with instead of trying to ignore Him, I wouldn’t get myself in the messes that I do. Apparently I’m a little more stubborn about some things than I’d like to admit. Some things just take time.

#5. This weekend is my first year at our Annual “Year in Review” meeting down in Louisville. So apparently I’m the Thunder Virgin. (We go down for Thunder over Louisville). Typically the offices all do skits as their review of the year, but this year we’ve got some sort of VIP’s going to be there so we’ve got to tame it down a notch. Instead we’ve written a sort of “Ode to BII” (Broadway in Indianapolis). There’s even a specific paragraph all about me that reads as follows:

We welcomed Elizabeth in May
Her initiation was Gay Pride Day
With her pride flag in hand
She marched with the band.
Her church disowned her, I’d say.

Classic. (And no dear reader, I did not march with the band in the parade. It just rhymed well.) I do have to note that my job is so completely different than my last job. Instead of typical church outings where the staff all goes out to eat together, I’m going to Thunder over Louisville that’s catered with an open bar and everyone drinks then goes out to clubs dancing. Dandy.

#4. Today is a Nickel Creek day. I’ve only listened to them since I got here this morning and I think I may listen to them all day. Unless I switch to Wicked for a while which is always a possibility. I might add that I get to see NC in 14 days. I should probably get my tickets for that. Even though it’s a crappy venue, it’s still Nickel Creek and I haven’t seen them since last fall, so I’m excited about it. It should actually only be 7 days till I go, but I got the big fat No to take off half a day next week and go on Tuesday to Portsmouth to watch it with Pretty and Michael. Even though my tickets were 5th row Center. So not dandy.

#3. In a mere 43 days I turn 27. I’m desperately trying to pretend that 27 is still mid-twenties, but I don’t know that I’m succeeding. Odd that 27 sounds so old when I feel so not old. I wonder if I’d written myself a letter at 13 what I would’ve thought my life would’ve been like. I’m pretty sure at that age I would’ve included a husband and children. For the record, I’m really glad that my life doesn’t include a husband and children at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about that at the someday point in the future, but definitely not right now. So anyway, happy birthday to me in 43 days. I’m actually considering a slumber party. Yes, I know I’m 27 and I should probably have outgrown one of those by now, but I haven’t had one in years and I think it sounds fun. And my dear Hottie M has volunteered his house since I’ll be house-sitting at the point with him in Europe. I think it’s a plan.

#2. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than talking on the phone to my niece who’s almost 3, and her saying, “Ok, see ya tomorrow.” Like we had plans or something. Apparently this is one of her newest phrases when talking on the phone. Along with Be careful. She’s great.

#1. Yesterday I found my first 4-leaf clover of the season. Then I promptly found 2,3,4,5,6, & 7 as well. Yay 4-leaf clovers. Wonder what that says about me that I can sit in the grass and look all day long in clover. Well ok, maybe not all day long. Ooh speaking of all day long, that just reminded me of an ex boyfriend, straight-tuck jon, who told me that I could be as sorry as the day is long and he still wasn't going to forgive me. Wonder how long that really is?

So there you go. I thought that after several serious posts in a row I should get back to a little lighter stuff for a while. So there's my Top 10 about absolutely nothing for Monday, April 18, 2005.


Blogger Emily said...

i love the top ten. it was great talking last night. i'm sure i'll talk to you soon!

7:46 AM  
Blogger ty said...

lizzy, i miss you! i hope i get to see you soon!

i was highly entertained by your top 10, by the way.

josh's mom told him about a church in portsmouth looking for a music minister, and while i knew i'd get to see jay more we politely declined. it's just not calling us, ya know? :)

10:15 PM  

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