Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You’ve just got to “gitchoosome”.

I just need to pause for a brief moment here and paint you a little picture on the state of the music industry. While listening with a co-worker to a little Rascal Flatts in his office, he got a pop-up from a new artist on CMT.com. Cowboy Troy. That’s right, his name is Cowboy Troy and he’s an African-American country singer. The issue is not that he’s African-American doing country, the issue is just how much talent this guy has. (I think none at all.) And apparently thousands of people, almost 160K in the first week to be exact, seem to think that this is music. Not just music, “hick-hop muzik”. That’s right. No typos there. It’s actually labeled as hick-hop muzik. He’s produced by Big & Rich, which in and of itself should tell you something. So please dear reader, take a listen. For the record I think that people who spend their money on music like this (that is so bad, I’d rather listen to white noise,) instead of incredibly talented unsigned groups like this, ought to be taken out back and shot. Or better yet, go find yourself a train and play chicken.

For your reading enjoyment, here’s a little of the lyrics from his new hit single “I Play Chicken With the Train”.

Hold 'em up, Here we go,
All the Hicks and Chicks feel my flow,
Big black train coming round the bend,
Gwone kinfolk tell your mamanem,
Chugg a lugga Chugg a lugga Chugg a lugga Who?
The big black train comin' through to you boy
You fell and bumped you head uh hu,
That's what they said,
People say it's impossible, not probable, too radical,
But I already been on the CMA's,
Hell Tim McGraw said he liked the change,
That he likes the way my Hick-hop sounds
and the way the crowd screams when I stomp the ground,
Now, big and black, clickety clack and I make the train jump the track like that,

I play chicken with the train play chicken with the train train, uh hu hu uh hu hu,
You know that I play chicken with the train play chicken with the train train uh hu hu uh hu hu yea,

There should be laws against producing things like this...


Blogger Emily said...

This made me laugh so hard I cried :)

4:19 PM  
Blogger ty said...

oh... my... WORD.

wholeheartedly agree! "hick hop"? oh my gosh.

12:34 AM  

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