Wednesday, November 12, 2003

La Vie Boheme

To days of inspiration, playing hooky
Making something out of nothing,
The need to express, to communicate
To going against the grain, going insane, going mad
To loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension
To starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretension...
Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion...
Compassion, to fashion, to passion when it's new...
To no shame never playing the fame game...
Food of love, emotion, mathematics, isolation,
Rhythm, feeling, power, harmony,
And heavy competition...
Revolution, justice, screaming for solutions,
Forcing changes, risk, and danger
Making noise and making pleas...

Anyone out of the mainstream
Is anyone in the mainstream?
Tear down the wall
Aren't we all
The opposite of war
Isn't peace...
It's creation

La Vie Boheme -RENT

Yes I know it's disjointed with lines missing, but a lot of it is running through my head today so I thought it worth posting, lines missing and all. Today it's just how I feel.

This time tomorrow, I'll be in Vegas. :)


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