Friday, April 13, 2007

Go ahead I’m listening,
got an ear for disappointment
I can hear it on my breath-

it’s the same same story
-Wake Up Dear, Ellery

I got this new cd in the mail Wednesday, and it’s been the only thing I’ve been able to listen to since then. I was lying in bed that night listening, and I couldn’t stop thinking that this is what music should do to a person. And if it doesn’t affect you, if it doesn’t move you- then truly what’s the point? I’m also someone who’s 99% partial to live music over studio versions. They just ring more true when they haven’t been processed and cleaned. Sometimes so much inflection and therefore feeling is lost when you record via studio. I know it has to happen, I just prefer live. I tend to hold a little of my opinion back with most bands until I’ve seen them live. Sometimes I discover them seeing them live first and then falling in love with their albums (2 fairly recent examples - Paolo Nutini and Sufjan Stevens). Anyway, it’s hard to explain to you what I love so much about Ellery. I heard one of my favorite singers introduced once and they thanked her for telling such great stories. That’s what Ellery does. The stories they tell ring true with me. On totally different levels depending on the day. In totally different songs depending on the day. But they ring true. And I can feel them. And that’s the way music should be.

On a partially unrelated (although still connected to Ellery) point let me introduce you to my new friend, Arizona. She arrived this week as well, special thanks to the Goldens and their pre-order drawing for the aforementioned CD I was raving about above. :) I love her. She’s becoming fast friends with Mark (my ipod) and giving him some much needed rest. He’s getting a little old you know, but don’t tell him I said that. I don’t have any plans to replace him anytime soon, and he's becoming a bit cantankerous in his old age.

On a completely unrelated note- will spring ever come to Indiana? I'm beginning to wonder. My flip-flops are feeling rather dejected. Maybe I should let them hang out with Mark a bit. He always knows just what to say to me to make me feel better. Everyone should be lucky to have such a friend*. Oh and if you haven't- go buy the cd. seriously. you won't regret it.

*If by friend I mean, totally inanimate object that I love to death.


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