Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things on my mind today:

  • It’s actually snowing a little bit. And the first day that I haven’t been able to wear flip flops in over 2 weeks. This makes me sad.
  • I’m realizing more and more, I’m not the best dealer with emotional things in my life. When I realize I don’t have a lot of control over how I feel, I tend to freak out. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I hope I outgrow this tendency. However since I’m nearing 30 it’s not looking good.
  • On a much happier note, I won our Midwest Bracket competition. Out of 42 people, I came in first. And won I might add, over $200. woo hoo!
  • I think I’ll spend a bit of that over $200 on the tattoo I’ve been wanting for months. I’ve wanted it long enough to know it’s not a passing notion and I still love the idea. It’s important to give yourself that time to adjust to the idea or else, the passing idea of “wow, I love strawberry shortcake. She was my favorite when I was little and that’s fun so why don’t you just tattoo it here to my ankle.” will later be, "what the he** was I thinking?!" Editors note: my tattoo is not anything like that of a strawberry shortcake tattoo. Trust me. I'm not making any promises that Looney Tunes won't be involved though.
  • Today is my last day at work this week. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off. I decided I needed a mini-vacation.
  • My sisters and I are getting pedicures together tomorrow. We don’t often find time when the 3 of us formally-Truitt-except-me-still-Truitt girls can get together so I’m really looking forward to it. And really who doesn’t love pedicures?!
  • Saturday I went to see The Format in concert. They were really great in concert thus moving my like of their music into a really really like them a LOT stage.
  • The aforementioned concert came as the closer to one of the best days I’ve had in a really really long time. You know one of those days when everything just seems right. And you almost hate to go to sleep b/c you know tomorrow couldn’t possibly be as good as today. It was one of those days. And it made me really happy.
  • Yesterday my sister was in the car with my niece Lilly and they were at a stop light. Next to them was a girl driving a convertible and Lilly stared at it for a really long time before saying, “Mommy! That girl is driving a car and it doesn’t have a lid on it!!” It made me laugh. Even better when Abby explained it to her and Lilly asked if maybe they could do that with their car. She’s so cute.
  • I can't get enough of The Format song “The First Single (You Know Me). (I would love to know how to post music on my blog so whenever I’m stuck on a song and feel like I need to tell the world about it, I could post a link where you could listen on your own. So if anyone has any advice on that, let me know. Neat.)
  • Speaking of good music, Ellery’s live CD is coming out next week. It’s like Christmas all over again. I’m so wishing that I could catch one of their shows with Over the Rhine, however the weekend they’re in Cincy I’m going to see Kurt Vonnegut give a lecture and I have tickets to another concert.
  • PATTY GRIFFIN! She’s my other concert. I’m so excited I can’t begin to tell you. She’s actually the inspiration of my new tattoo. Well not her, but her lyrics. I’ll give you pictures after the tattoo has been completed. I just hate that she’s the same night of the Goldens in Cincy (and AIDA that I was supposed to see with Emily. How can one evening have so many things going on?)

I know this is a rambling blog about nothing, but at least I'm writing. I'd hate to lose my two readers. (ems and ty) :)


Blogger Sarah said...

We sread it Liz! We still love you!

4:48 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I don't sread it, but I do read it. And we do love you, Lizzy!
(I know, I have to be a punk. But she is an editor...)

3:58 PM  
Blogger ty said...

those kids are crazy. :)

i've been wanting a tattoo for a long time, but i've been a wuss. can't wait to see yours! :)

12:08 AM  

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