Thursday, March 22, 2007

A startling discovery

So this morning, while eating my breakfast, I was quite disconcerted to find that my blackberry yogurt didn’t have many blackberries in it. On closer examination I found that it had NO blackberries in it. On even closer examination I found in small print under blackberry the word “flavor”. A-HA! So really the whole idea that maybe somewhere in my yogurt, if I just look hard enough, there will be actual, honest to goodness blackberries, has come to a complete lack of fruition. Ha, fruit, fruition. Clever.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. A blog entry about my blackberry-lacking yogurt. Ok, I can’t really just blog about blackberry-lacking yogurt. So in honor of this rainy 2nd day of spring, I’ll do a top 10.

Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy Today for No Reason (in no specific order)
#10. The lightning this morning on my way to work.
#9. The fact that it’s warm enough for flip flops even with the rain
#8. My weekend plans to see my Cincy friends that I just don’t get to see enough
#7. Songs that haunt you for days on end. This week it’s Los Angeles by Peter Bradley Adams.
#6. William. :)
#5. My new haircut that renews my faith in my hair as something that actually can look good.
#4. A possible roadtrip to Atl in the near future to visit one of my very best friends
#3. The fact that I think I’m actually getting over the plague that nearly took away the better part of my spring. Ok not really, b/c spring just started yesterday and the sickness has been there for 2 weeks but it sure felt like it was never going to end.
#2. Bubblegum
#1. A phone call from the CEO of Live Nation Theatrical to personally thank me for my sales on CATS and SPAMALOT.
(just in case you needed a visual for #2.)

PS. If you look closely behind me in the bubblegum picture, you'll see my good taste in music. David Gray and Ellery posters and a magazine with Nickel Creek on the cover above that. Just thought I'd point it out in case you need to check my cred to look up Peter Bradley Adams. That's all.

PSS. in reference to number 5, don't be looking too closely at the above photo for proof. I could talk myself out of number 5 just by looking at this photo and it's my own hair.

PSSS. Blogs two whole days in a row. Shocking. It probably won't last. (Don't get too excited myonlyreaderemily)


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i read it! now that i know you're blogging again! :) haha!

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