Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!

In honor of the first day of spring, I purchased what any normal summer sandal loving person should do. New flip flops. That’s right new flip flops. I’m obsessed with Havaianas flip-flops. In fact if ever you, the dear reader want to buy me a random present, Havaianas flip flops are the way to go. (And I wear a size 37-38 Brazilian in case you’re taking notes).

In the world of flip flops, none compare to Havaianas. I discovered them 3 years ago when my dear Jennifer and I were vacationing in California. I happened upon them because I’d been on the never ending search for brown flip flops. And I found them, brown with tiny white polka dots in fact. And I fell in love with them. And no flip flop has ever been the same. I’ve decided that it should become my yearly tradition. Last year I bought two pair sometime in the summer. (A white pair and a metallic green pair in case you’re still taking notes.)

This year in honor of spring I bought these.
Exhibit A:

I’m pretty sure that they’re perfect. And if you love flip flops you have to try Havaianas. Seriously. I still have my brown pair from 3 years ago and they’re still the most comfortable flip-flop I own. I will even likely wear them to my own wedding. Well not the brown ones. Probably a new pair. If I get married. Whenever that might happen. Not anytime soon in case you’re still still taking notes. I’ll probably even be crafty with those and add Swarovski crystals which is apparently the trend with Havaianas flip flops.

Exhibit B: (in case you thought I was joking about crystals on flip flops) Although really they won't be in black, b/c if I ever get married I'll be happy about it. I promise. (In case you're still still still taking notes and now considering getting me professional help for my serious obsession with Havaianas flip flops and being unmarried and almost 30.)

So happy spring my dear reader(s). I put the s on there just in case someone besides ems reads this still. :) Go outside, preferably wearing your new Havaianas flip flops, and blow some bubbles. It’s finally spring. *

*If by spring in Indiana I mean 70’ outside today and the possibility of snow next week. **

**I’m just kidding about the snow. Seriously.***

*** And even if it does, I’m still wearing my flip flops.


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