Monday, March 07, 2005

Sod fields, salt mines, what's the difference?

Today I’m not so much a fan of people. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I tried to better my mood with a nice shower that I might add was the first shower in months and months that didn’t involve me trying to dodge the needle like water pellets, or get out with my floor all soaked. That is b/c my dear Matthew heard me complain about my shower head and went, bought me a new one, brought it over and installed it. He’s great I might add. But that’s not really necessary. I think anyone who knows me knows just how I feel about it. :)

But back to my bad day… I woke up early with my heart all heavy. I prayed till I fell back asleep, but felt all out of sorts when I finally climbed into the shower about 8. On my way out my neighbor in apartment 3 was out on his very small porch exercising on some sort of equipment. He said to me, off to the sod fields? And I mumbled a yeah it’s Monday right back at him. I might add that he is easily 75 and wears a Russian Stoll everywhere in the winter. He’s also the same man that let me borrow his shovel but just for a few minutes while I desperately tried to dig myself out of being plowed in back around Christmas. I borrowed it long enough to start to dig out, when he decides it’s time for him to go driving around, and leaves me stuck in the snow with no shovel. I might add that my nice elderly neighbor across the street loaned me hers and as she helped me dig out I thought for sure she was a goner and it was going to be all my fault. Alas, I digress. And now that I think about it, maybe he said back to the salt mines instead of sod fields. That at least makes a little sense. Anyway, I made it to work 2 minutes late. Blast, then I’ve had to deal with one stupid person after another today. I’m not sure which was my favorite whether it was the one yelling at my counter about bad customer service who asked my boss to please just go away and let her deal with me instead of her who’s rude and mean. Or maybe it was the foreign chic who has now exchanged her tickets for Hairspray 3 times, and doesn’t understand the rows or seating enough for it to be any less than a 10 minute conversation each time. This time she was fighting with me about cost, and the fees associated with purchasing over the phone. Or maybe it was this other guy who was in the hospital on his normal night of hairspray who needed to exchange into this week and I told him he’d have to do it at the box office tomorrow night and ask for angie, who said then, ok, I’ll send someone over later today to get the tickets. At which point I said, no. I can’t give you tickets today, we’ll just give you best available tomorrow when you show up at the box office, who then still sent his friend over asking for ang to get their tickets today. What in the world is wrong with people?! I might add that it’s 4:30 and I haven’t eaten today. I had some coffee and half a banana for breakfast, and 4 peeps. Which were my first peeps of the season I might add. Yellow of course. Anyway, I’m just ready for 5pm to be here so I can goooooo home. Not that I’m home for long. I’ve got a meeting to help plan the easter services and the all music night right before easter. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll suddenly start to like people between now and then b/c as it is, not looking really good.

Unless their name is Matt and they’re 6’1 with blonde hair and blue eyes. In which case, they’re exempt from my dislike of people today. For the record, I think I’ve found a keeper here. Just in case you were wondering. I just thought one sappy entry on my blog is enough for a while so i'm keeping it a little brief. At least today...


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wow, thats super Liz, simply super.

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