Friday, September 09, 2005

Last week was our annual work retreat. This year we took a day trip to Maine. I’ve never been anywhere in the New England area, but I have to say there’s something so serene about it I think I could easily live there. The day was a lot of fun. We did a little shopping, ate lobster as you can see, went on a ferry ride, and checked out an amazing lighthouse. I have to say though I could’ve just spent all day in Portland where we stopped first thing in the morning. It was one of those towns that just made me want to find a good book and a quaint coffee house, where I’d curl up on one of their oversized chairs and read. The weather couldn’t have been nicer, and we had a great time.

Sometimes I wonder what keeps me from just moving away. When I go someplace like Maine, and I see how beautiful the rest of the country is- I wonder what’s keeping me here. I don’t really have an answer. Family I suppose, my friends, the comfort of knowing what my life is like from day to day. A close friend of mine just moved to New York City. Had no job upon getting there, and an apartment for all of a month, but he wasn’t too worried. He knew he’d find something. There’s something incredibly appealing to me with that. I just feel like I’m missing something here. Or maybe it’s just one of those weeks…


Blogger Meagan said...

Is that you in that photo?

love meagan

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Christin said...

you look great with the lobster! :-)
I love how I can always relate to how you feel - could you please WRITE a book, because everyone would buy it and you'd be a millionaire - and money is what it's al about - right!! ;-)

4:45 PM  

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