Monday, July 12, 2004

Public Service Announcement: If any of you are Glen Phillips and/or Nickel Creek fans- be sure to pick up the Mutual Admiration Society in stores tomorrow. It's got the best version of Windmills I've ever heard. And come on, it's Glen and NC- what more do I have to say?! There's nothing better than knowing when you get home after work you're going to have new music in your mailbox. Or at least it'll be there today or tomorrow. Not to mention it being a CD that was recorded several years ago but is just now being released. Few things make me happier than new music- and if it includes Nickel Creek, it's pretty near untoppable.  Posted by Hello


Blogger Emily said...

I don't know much glen, but do enjoy the I know how excited you are about this CD coming out :) I may just have to pick it up :)

Love ya!


8:43 AM  

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